comedy netflix special by Bo Burnham

Welcome to the Internet



A song about how the internet is all the good and all the bad in the world. The internet is about extremes, the extremes of humanity. You can find all the good you look for and all the bad you look for, and it’ll push you towards what it thinks will drive the most engagement.

Welcome to the internet. What would you prefer? Would you like to fight for civil rights or tweet a racial slur? ^ac6b83

Burnham sings how the internet has become a place where it takes away most of your choices and assumes it knows you based on yes or no decisions. There’s no room for grey.

Just nod or shake your head, and we’ll do the rest.”


The internet is an endless void for “unsatiable you,” a bottomless pit of content that would take millions of lifetimes to consume.


Could I interest you in everything all of the time. A little bit of everything all of the time. Apathy is a tragedy and boredom is a crime.


catalogs, travel blogs. a chat room or two. we set our sights and spent our nights waiting for you. Insatiable you.

It was always the plan to put the world in your hands.