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#media/podcast from Tristan Harris interviewing Audrey Tang ^63oXv7f37

  • civic hackers built G0v (alternative to official gov website that is open and transparent, interactive and easy to understand)
    • Collaborative editing docs + chat + spreadsheets and open source
  • Tool is showing sentiment on proposal up or down w no ability to reply: actual discussion happens in person live streamed
    • PCA analysis to see most contentious points and k-means clustering to get the main diff points
    • Sorts for unlikely consensus and pushes for initiatives that can make supermajority
  • Air quality push: had a g0v site that pushed for normal people to get sensors (that were cheap) to gather specific and granular data on pollution. Thousands of teachers got it and provided data
    • Did same kind of thing for masks
      • Verified that people wash hands more with mask usage bc of water consumption
    • Hot line that anyone can ask
    • Interactive map of mask availability
  • Super fast feedback loop and attitude of accountability from public
  • Traditional public-private partnership: public has idea and private implements and maybe social sector work to make sure integrates well
    • Taiwan is opposite: social sector builds prototype even without resources to maintain: evangelizes -> private sector supports it -> public sector pressured to support it and provide open data
  • ==Listening at scale: consensus is the product==. Larry Lessing we actually agree but software doesn’t show that
  • problems: outrage and propaganda problems
    • Outrage solved by humor: triple two principle anytime detect such rumor. Within 2 hours have to respond with two pictures with 200 characters or less -> meme went viral, unable to feel outrage if you are laughing
      • Laughtavism
      • Premier made herself the butt of the joke
      • Sometimes outrage have point and invite them to help when it’s organic
    • Deliberate misinformation: work with international fact checking network to see who was the originator and worked with platform softwares to see note that it is being sponsored by CCP and political content
  • Inclusive populism instead of populism by definition supermajority
    • Radical exchange and gov lab

What would it take for this to become global? Is there a way to do it from the platforms / people themselves or does it necessarily need to come from government? questions ^oJngF4Ukv

  • Will this approach scale to something as big as US (10x population) and are values compatible? Diversity of US might be downfall?
    • Worrisome parts: nationally available hotline, civic hacking bc lack of data
    • Only way to find out is to try
  • How can you scale humor vs outrage approach? Can it be automated? GPT-3 for this purpose? Link:: ^0eae99