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    • world shifting towards individuals wanting to be on their own instaed of tied to institutions via unbundling of internet (partly because of lack of trust [[modern-day society is a degradation of trust]]) and coincides with a rise in the technology and tools available for creators to start up a new business and reach people. All towards cutting out business middlemens and giving power back to original creators as well as democratizing access to “who” can become a creator ^EEYLf-Luu
    • My friend Dror Poleg would suggest that that’s just the beginning — he writes about the 10x Class, “a whole new layer of professionals that earn incomes that are a level below the biggest earners in their field, but still much higher than what the average employee could earn in the pre-internet era” because of demand for their niche skill in the global marketplace. He thinks of it as gig workers in reverse — where the clients are commoditized and the individuals are the secret sauce. Power to the person.

    • **The Creator Economy and NFTs are massive human potential unlocks. Even if certain assets are in a short-term bubble, we are on an inexorable march towards individuals mattering more than institutions. **

    • **We’re on the precipice of a creative explosion, fueled by putting power, and the ability to generate wealth, in the hands of the people. Armed with powerful technical and financial tools, individuals will be able to launch and scale increasingly complex projects and businesses.