A Different Internet




  • Today’s internet is largely shaped by a dialog between two ideas. One position considers personal data as a form of property, the opposing position considers personal data as an extension of the self. (View Highlight)
  • Rodotà’s motivating philosophy focused on the inherent dignity of the individual as a vehicle to preserve democratic norms. As he said in 2004:

    We may believe that we are only discussing data protection; in fact we are dealing with the destiny of our social organizations. […] there is little doubt that privacy is a necessary tool to defend the society of freedom and counteract the drive towards establishment of a society based on surveillance, classification, and social selection. (View Highlight)

  • A 2022 study by Pew Research Center demonstrates the more nuanced/positive effects of social media: “Majorities of teens credit social media with strengthening their friendships and providing support while also noting the emotionally charged side of these platforms.” (View Highlight)