The Nuclear Family Was a Mistake



  • In a beautiful essay on kinship, Marshall Sahlins, an anthropologist at the University of Chicago, says that kin in many such societies share a “mutuality of being.” The late religion scholar J. Prytz-Johansen wrote that kinship is experienced as an “inner solidarity” of souls. The late South African anthropologist Monica Wilson described kinsmen as “mystically dependent” on one another. Kinsmen belong to one another, Sahlins writes, because they see themselves as “members of one another.”


  • the internet is like this “life in the public” but misses the embedednrss / ability to depend on others… tiny internets
    • how can we make the internet more like an extended family?
    • not intimacy but kinship??
    • moms subreddit group for new moms with new borne in the same month what kind of environment promotes choice in forging communities

missing physical spaces

  • how do we create villages again?

mall vs space in terms of expectations of interaction