• bulk actions (i.e. select and extract to new channel, bulk upload)
    • see recent notion launch for this
    • see how coda handles copy + paste across rows
  • performative upload, more input methods
  • backlinks to the things that are linked
  • easy to extract data into new place
  • should handle small list collections: have some plain-text smart input? like bulleted list of things for import / or as another “view mode” ? leads to massive increase in use like how people used poems.verses.xyz
  • how to handle better linking between diff channels? how to cultivate together?
  • pruning ideas should be supported!
  • be able to add new ideas that you are generating while on a page adding snippets and things
    • source should be stable here.
  • should be able to see backlinks on sources

why better than alternatives

  • airtable: first-class collaborators / access controls, public by default, discoverable, tied to person, can be linked together
  • coda: constrained to single “table”