how do we get the internet to help people understand each other? problems ^upJYKgTHZ

  • needs: ^1-AJ5zh3x
    • fluidity and dynamicness of being able to move between contexts and find one where you fit ^dn8nps_Pn
    • psychological safety to be your unabashed authentic self ^I2HJ6eaib
    • shared willingness to learn from others’ experiences ^q11lZK_9X
    • spontaneity by default ^xG-58FGwp
    • intimacy, honesty, and authenticity ^AzgvEfU59
    • what else?
  • default vibe trended more towards being nice to everybody, atmosphere didn’t feel as intellectually engaging ^A6Ck6mLFb
  • people’s identities are always changing because identity is always a function of environment and some default sense of self. as a result, dynamics within different groups are very different because people react to that dynamic and their environment. The result is subcultures within cultures and the phenomenon how people have different identities with different groups ^1CF59i5bL. the dominant paradigm determines what “self” you are in the current moment. Sometimes, the pull is very strong and you are forced into a particular self that you may not even like (going back home and feeling like your high school self because of all the memories). This could even happen via something like a very nostalgic or impactful song that is representative of a different time in your life. Other times, the pull is just a light tug and you can consciously say no to it and continue to be your null self (the default identity you harbor, perhaps your one true self) or craft your own identity via performance[](The self is not a fixed, organic thing, but a dramatic effect that emerges from a performance. This effect can be believed or disbelieved at will. (Location 235) Erving Goffman ^9T3xbBCvv). The question is how do we encourage people to drop the performance and cultivate their true sense of self (sidebar here is what defines someone’s true sense of self[](questions who is the true you? when you have so many different contexts, who is the authentic you? is it your default self or what context can you fully express yourself? ^PNWAR2m79) )? There is some value to exclusion[*](do you value exclusivity? black people have a different context and understanding and at some level people will never understand, need to give that freedom to fully express itself, but can you also bring it to a level to engage other people? ^uOjQzWv41) in that people who are their authentic selves may exclude others by continuing to converse in a way that requires some missing context for “outsiders.” However, pure exclusion will just lead to cliques that never interact and never feel any sense of solidarity or connection. There has to be some happy middle ground between putting people on a pedastal and excluding yourself from them and they are people that you can equate your experiences with who actually doesn’t relate ^dbChMK_jW. ^x1pUUxho8 *