2022-05-17 #ideas#projects

Digital collections are themed collections of items through a digital medium. This includes everything from Instagram bookmarks and Pinterest folders to photo albums to Twitter bots to the shopping bulleted list you made in your notes app. We make lists all the time in digital mediums and they often represent something very specific and personal or meaningful in some niche way. They also are easy to combine to create collective meaning or demonstrate differences in what people think is important.

How can you unify how people make lists and how do you make it easy for anyone to share their lists?

lists and collections and how they can be meaningful or negative depending on context Bad

  • social media feeds


  • personal albums

very hard to curate lists right now, it’s usually a single time-based dump of things (instagram post, an album). you often don’t add things to continually growing collections

  • closest things now are are.na and futureland.tv

  • write something for this for newsletter? tiny internets 📅 2022-11-20 ✅ 2022-12-20