exploring all the ways we use creative mediums for one person (or a small set) as vehicles for significant, important, global creative work.

When you make something for someone, there is a clear intention and perspective you inhabit towards making that is really hard to come by when you are making something universal (it becomes too abstract). This is why I so often rely on the shortcut of making something for myself, as a generalization for a category of people that have the same problems / desires as me. This doesn’t feel like the perfect answer.. we also need to account for marginalized people who don’t have the power, but it’s really hard to do that when you don’t have the personal felt experience and you can do it in a way that lacks heart. They ultimately have to be given the same power to create the worlds that they envision. I guess this is the infrastructural goal of bluesky in making 3rd party systems first-class.

  • what can you do in this space that you can’t do in other spaces?
  • what kinds of contexts exist for doing this and can we encourage this way of thinking more?
    • smile exchange: what if this was just recording appreciations for friends and then they only get unlocked for the friend 1 month later (you could set specific intervals?)

A couple weeks ago, I found a dead bird in my apartment’s shared backyard. The night before a bird had flown into my room through an open window. I took it as a sign that I had to honor this bird, so I took it to my nearby favorite park and gave it a proper burial. I assembled an altar out of found tributes from the park: flowers, a fallen strawberry fruit, and a broken fragment of green stone.