• finish this 📅 2023-02-28


  • porous private space for logging all thoughts. Single place where you can go to and structure your thoughts in a way that fits and matches you.
  • Syndication/pushing: Easy access specifications for getting these to syndicate out from this place in a “staging” environment(?) so you can cater those things to the platforms that you want to post on?
    • staging environments is really important both for llm tools (see kevin yang’s thinking) and also embedded attention tools like bulletin.
    • this also can be leveraged for adding to collections. Syndicating to a “sharing platform” like twitter is the same thing as publishing to a collection that you own. All are just digital spaces that you have the right to append to.
  • what is the right syntax for designating syndication?
    • ||TEXT|| — takes from linux roots of | for piping
    • <<>> is an option
    • {{}} too
    • //\\
    • ;;;;
    • ~~TEXT~~
  • what is the syntax for specifying a data format?
    • csv separated by , but that’s too common of a character
    • | also visually works nicely and is not very common of a character but that seems to be used for something else now


First Prototype

  • sync obsidian file to some structured format that then gets synced to X,Y,Z