project ideas

  • landscapes for gathering / capacity for energy
  • everyday things
  • sites for spontaneous play
  • custom wearable sensor?
  • digital sensors? / personal sensors?
    • mood color before starting class
  • different digital watches? how to be intimate with different rhythms of time
  • ^16d588
  • ^a87b9a

Session 6 2023-03-14

  • signals transmit waves of information
  • data vs. information
  • the cost of storing data
  • how do we encode more natural intuitive processes to avoid using all this data storage?
  • meaning embedded in noise, encryption is translating data into noise and back
    • intermediate languages that are scrambled and secure and a new language
  • stochastic resonance: using noise to enhance the signal
  • #phrases go forth, be muddy

how is noise helping in your systems or patterns? how can the murkiness be helpful? Background noise helps me to concentrate in cafes when it is at a constant din. Murkiness can help with recognizing patterns when you are straining to see more and by jolting you out of heuristics or automatic behavior. Murkiness and noise are the material for serendipity; entropy is the catalyst for magic.


  • things are always flowing towards more disorder.
  • nature likes to maximize possibilities
    • new combinations, naturally encourages emergence
  • spaces between two ecosystems is called an ecotone (relevant for portal)
    • permaculture talks about maximizing the edge find magic at the seams
    • this is where diversity and possibility is maximized
    • messy is beautiful
    • what does a tool, archive, collection, tool for thought that maximizes possibility / entropy look like? what if you embraced the chaos?
    • how do you mimic digital entropy? ^a87b9a
  • Ω: multiplicity number of permutations / combinations in a system
    • how to maximize Ω in an ecosystem or environment?
  • infinite differentiation: the universe is differentiating itself, creating new expressions of itself infinitely to come back to the singularity. constant cycles between infinite and a single point.
  • certain smaller systems where you get negative entropy
  • alijia tracking moments of remembrance, dreaming
  • capturing more atmospheric data
    • some sort of sensory attachment, the question or collection or purpose is unique to each person
    • feeling is so fleeting: living is so fucking cool
    • slippery feelings
  • morning practices: grounded ritual
    • going outside, stretching, making coffee
    • open up note app and start writing - closing ceremony for dream life as transition into the built enviroment
      • the moment between dreaming and waking is an ecotone!!

Session 4 2023-02-28

  • project ideas from dri
    • what does it mean to find patterns across different skills?
      • can nature make choices or does it just repeat patterns inherently
    • send my chinese folk short story to dri
  • “practice sovereignty”
  • energy: ability to do work
    • ability to enact change
    • octavia butler: “shaped or be shaped, change or be shaped”
    • “All that you touch you change. All that you change changes you. The only lasting truth is change.”
    • transformation: caught up in always seeking transformation
    • slow energy
    • stored energy”: stillness in winter
  • collective motion: “Not exactly thermodynamics but also about collective motion - I love the metaphor in Undrowned by alexis pauline gumbs about schools of fish, where maybe a caring community is one where you’re all swimming not in exactly the same direction or speed, but still moving together”
  • potential: capacity to hold
    • heat capacity: potential for temperature to increase
    • practice of “slow it, sink it, spread it” in water-scarce places
    • how to apply this to other energy? the landscape just needs to support the capacity to capture / catch these flows as they come
    • flows of energy: when we want to move from potential to kinetic, how do we activate that energy?
      • pathways to collect and spread and divert
      • how does this apply to information and digital spaces? where we can only collect into a single space, and have no form to divert information, we just have to submit to the flood
  • small rituals to build a practice or capacity
    • to build discipline, put your shoes in the same place every day
    • “everyday practices”#writing/ideas
      • channels of love
      • rituals as methods of transforming energy, between kinetic and potential
    • reframing words for personal fulfillment
    • spiritual potential and spiritual kinetic
    • we dont have the concept for storing things or being containers
  • “opening channels”
    • In Jewish prayer, there is idea of keva (the fixed structure you practice each day) and kavanah (meaning or intention that shows up sometimes when you hold the practice open)

    • “listening to the universe”
    • we have lost the capacity for listening in digital space, we are forced to go to places or have notifications shoved upon us. What does it look like to build back our ability to listen?#research/questions
  • “present” as the point everything rotates around
  • ritual for the week: seeing things as containers
    • notice moments of energy accumulation. honoring slow motion
  • talking about work
    • texture in the motion talking about work that was very exciting
    • when following intuition, so hard to hold onto all that happens because thread is so unexpected
  • spontaneous play, sites / prompts for collective play.
    • messages in bathroom stalls, “sometimes people have little fights there and it’s so fun”
    • the internet comments section is a site for play / interaction
    • so much of our class happens in the chat
      • are you in the “chat class” or in the “class class”

Session 3 2023-02-21

  • triple point: equilibrium point where even amount of one phase and the other

Session 2 2023-02-14

  • gravity is earth’s way of hugging you
  • track what things spark curiosity for you
  • energy <—> information <—> matter
    • come up with your own sentence that defines a relationship between these entities
    • changes time space
    • time spaces change
    • space changes time
  • information: knowability/observability of the past, current, or future states over time, matter is defined as stuff that takes up space and has volume, anything that’s three-dimensional
  • decay as a form of transformation “reaching into the past for moving into the future”
  • models as stories and equations as relationships
  • other points of reference besides time (everything is only relevant in relation from some point of perspective)
    • 0,0 point in physics

Session 2 2023-02-07


Universe Story From the Primordial Flaring Forth to the Ecozoic Era…


Body exercise

  • “what memories come up?”
    • im reminded of california
    • movement is a cathartic technology
  • body as a technology#writing/ideas
    • transform sensations in your body (stiffness, heaviness of grief)
      • how can i hold it in the proper way?
      • healthy contrast in my body
    • interesting comparison because its so embodied. this is how technology should feel
    • different words and phrases that repeat. lot of talk about having balance
      • does equilibrium just mean blandness and neutrality?
      • what about contrast? how do we experience contrast? full spectrum of colors. full of texture and experience
      • contrast over balance
    • interesting that the output was coming from you rather than someone else. co-option of your attention in a positive way, things coming from within rather than outside
      • generative rather than submissive
    • technology
      • anything that can store, transform, or transport energy, information, or matter ^ac4f84
    • hands as technology
      • hands as memory
      • hands as calculator
        • counting
        • rosary for counting
      • hand as scale
      • dance as technology
      • chanting as technology
  • difference between science and art
    • not that much, art more subjectivity, science more objectivity? science more about legibility and officialization?
    • why not make them the same?
    • separating them might give us contrast: more ways to understand our reality
  • early technologies / cultures
    • counting
      • hands
      • two societies which used base 5 and base 12 respectively, so they used 60 to be able to communicate (origin of clocks)
    • calendars & timekeeping
      • came out of desire to have community. means of collectivizing
        • evolution of creating technologies in community
      • movement to be anti-progress, but what if we looked forward and find the systems that glue people together, a means for creating relationships and new ways of living together and relating to each other digital ways of relating
    • memory technology
      • lukasa memory board (script for performance)
      • song lines by aboriginals in austrailia - walking paths taken to access diff information about species, who was there, etc.
        • bards as technology, as technologists
  • analog / natural data gathering… what can be a radical act of data gathering?

Session 1 2023-01-31

SFPC intro

  • effects of poetics

  • “not particularly useful but at least it makes me feel something”

  • the signatures on the community agreement is amazing, great ex of taking agency in a space

  • my signature identity


lasers! mirrors and coalescing of energy think about your name for a second and find a little rhythm

  • rhythm and movement with name - embodied practice


  • backbone of systems

your universe

  • current obsession / curiosities
    • spirals too, motion, rituals, surrender, rhythm, gardening, worldmaking, repurposing and revitalizing,
    • I promise to move with the gravity of my hopes, dance with the will of worlds, harmonize with life’s song.

    • digital mediums of expressions, internet-native worlds, tiny social networks
  • areas of knowledge / skillset
    • making software, writing, making websites

the class


Different shapes and patterns for learning

  • circles - orbit, storage, holding pattern, wheel
  • tree shapes - good for distributing energy across many different notes from a central source
  • networked pattern - resilience for losing nodes but more energy intensive to spread resources

we can be in diff energetic states, what does it mean to hold that and release it?

how to find containers that are both gracious and radiant? alternative forms of categorization

  • being able to discern direction in your body
  • discerning a way of thinking
  • sometimes you meet the message but it takes more time to ingest it or be consumed by it (being destroyed/consumed, the little deaths)
    • the woman who runs with the wolves?
    • aspects of ourselves have to die for a new perspective
  • The function of death and grieving

what is your wolrdview?

  • what is your universe?