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  • personal data ownership
  • ownership is how you get agency and he will never give that up, why he has his own personal stack for everything
  • Without a doubt, the most valuable things I have these days is my data. My archive of notes, documents, photographs and music, todo lists, contacts, calendars – these collectively make up my external brain and my identity, which is the last thing I want to lose. I want to own data like this as wholly as I physically can. Storing them through online software services or apps are convenient, but I never know when a third-party notes app is going to run out of funding and shut down, or if a todo list or music app I use is going to pivot and stop caring about me as a user. These days, nearly every piece of data I own is stored and backed up on services and systems that I control from the operating system up. This might be a bit of an extreme position to take, but I’m happy I own my data at such a deep level, because I’m confident it’ll be there for a long time to come. ^4c7346

  • how do we avoid trading off convenience and ease of use and innovation from companies with ownership of data?