Doing something once a day or on a regular time interval is so interesting because it naturally embeds a timeline of snapshots. The snapshots tell a story and the forcing function of a regular time interval expose the humanity and vulnerability of people. For example, sometimes you might be too tired or busy to do something super well, but that in of itself, the hurry and “get something out” comes out in the artifact as well which is interesting to preserve and showcase especially in a world that is so polished and marketing-forward and vacuous. A lot of the world feels “fake” or “pretending” to us so these sorts of projects bring back our humanity and authenticity.

  • habit building
  • personal agency, personal snapshot
  • 1 second a day…

my project of doing things on a regular cadence to build up a full collection

I’ve taken to calling these “streams” with the introduction of my fits-stream because they are like a stream of information.

  • explore this one a day concept and flesh out what it means to build a brand around it

Active Streams

this is very much in spirit of futureland. I wonder what happened to them. Looks like they’re still operating at a small scale

streams to add

Fits via fits-stream



song a day

project around releasing a song a day