Development Log


drawing what it would look like to do the ritualizing interaction. How do you make it more fun than just literally pressing a button lol. No More Boring Apps does a good job at this with their todo list. Take that inspiration and bring it into the ritual.

Ritual inspo

sabrina had a great idea to embody the drawing into something for you to use.


got started using the expo tutorial. The app is running on my phone using a neat app they have called, Expo Go, which discovers local network addresses that Expo is exposing and allows you to connect directly to them. Thus the server running on my laptop shows up on the web and on my iPhone.

Having some trouble with hot reloading.. but pressing enter a lot in the terminal seems to work relatively well lol. Ran into some problems with clicking r which is supposed to manually reload and had to patch the expo-cli from a recent bug with webpack.

Okay, I have a basic home screen and got a bit distracted playing with styles to make it look semi-nice. Going to look at widgets now.

  • I’m following this guide that i found online. Watched a bit of this video to understand how widgets work, but the gist explains it well (server-served app with static data). The essence is that it is supposed to be a not realtime glance at your app status.
  • Running into some trouble finding the widget file, trying this tutorial
  • Ok so this plugin actually worked but its so simple and it completely uses native code to do it? No this was not the plugin.. it was adding a manual widget extension target as in the tutorial above

weee the widget is there! but it uses a manual widget target extension that I made in XCode. Not sure how that expo plugin actually works but for now I guess we can just do all the widget stuff manually natively…

to figure out

  • figure out SharedUserPreferences in order to save local data that the native code can retrieve from to serve up user plant data
  • either make the expo widget plugin work or get rid of all that extra code