• fixed size canvas

  • how to add a tribute

    • add trigger
      • right click
      • double click
      • separate + button
        • button that appears when you click anywhere on the canvas
    • form options
      • flower type
      • target resource (optional)
      • tribute message
      • ritual type (?)
  • 2023-11-11 chatted with tianyu about this and got a lot of good ideas

    • it should also be an archive dedicated to the history of the place, so have a “museum” section where there are pictures of old tweets
    • browser extension for replacing X (or ex) with twitter as a way to memorialize it
      • increasing levels of censorship
    • ideas for ritual
      • more than 140 characters trim down
    • somehow memorialize old twitter UI
      • there’s an “Old Twitter” exntesion
  • why should this exist?

    • because twitter is dying a slow slow death and people need a place to mourn
  • why now?

    • because people need a place to mourn otherwise will we ever get closure?


  • memorialize a tweet into the gravesite
    • pick from flowers to add to the gravestone with the tweet imprinted
    • what can you memorialize?
      • a single twitter link
        • a tweet
        • a profile
        • an event… (how do you capture this? a set of tweets?)
  • ritual of moving flower before you can add it
    • several different patterns to choose from?
    • how to calculate that you’re doing the pattern?
    • a ghost cursor shows the movements with little counter at top for number of times you’ve done it (maybe 3 times?)
      • record ghost cursor movements to show all past people doing it for each one?
  • how to display all the flowers on the tombstone? do you need infinite canvas zoom?

I want to create a place to grieve what twitter was and could have been. I want to have one final gathering for the people who were on twitter with me. I want to feel like there is some closure for all of the could have beens that we are holding onto, for those of us for whom Twitter was a transformative place.

  • graveyard + funeral on a specific date/time that will be a live event

  • website for funeral
  • tombstone outside twitter office
  • collective piece of writing as detailed in poetic computation discord?
  • eulogies
  • each flower can be dedicated to a tweet?
    • twitter link only accepted, some copy if you share an X link that says “This is a memorial for Twitter. Not X. Please change it to who we are honoring here.”
    • this project will die when X stops accepting twitter (so there’s a built-in time bomb)
  • show flower while grabbing, make it a fun animation
  • the twitter logo is an iframe that links to the twitter site, so when they die it will actually crumble


  • each person has to ???
  • what if each person has to move their chosen flower / candle in a certain fashion to offer it? and that movement is recorded into the flower and is animated into the flower?
    • what if there is a ghost cursor that shows how you do this (takes the flower in a circle and goes up and down a few times to symbolize bowing).

Project Overview

  • use tinybase + react? sync to coda for self-moderation?
  • built on top of at-proto / web mentions?