Show Notes

  • games are playing us — how do we reward things from meaning
  • seeing as a state for the soul
    • things that capture your soul
  • tension of analytics where you’re either flying blind or chained to it
  • collecting vs tracking ^9410cc
    • train board game was inspiration for solution?
    • curating - manipulates our taste
  • games concentrate philosophy into action
    • computing should distribute this medium / mechanic of games more broadly
  • ideas should have a score that derives from the “significance” or time cost of the review
  • how do we develop sensitivity to truth - resilient agency / intuition
  • healthy skepticism — (i need a skeptic in my life lol)
  • object aesthetics vs process aesthetics
    • so many cookbook reviews focus on output rather than how fun it is to make
  • game recs: modern art, root, quiet year


how can we make software that helps you enjoy and focus on the process?

interestingly for a long time, I was obsessed with quantification, structure, and clean plans. I subscribed to the quantified self movement and tracked everything about my daily life. At some point, I felt a rupturing where I went to the other extreme, rejecting the value of discrete measures. But Ezra is right in pointing out the tension between needing these to not go blind into the world and chase something completely untied to reality and needing to forge your own path, following your own intuition.