One problem is abstraction context: zooming in and out between the levels Another problem is social context: world vs. team vs. individual Another is intent(?) context: what is your goal? Are you trying to gain inspiration or create or share? what does this look like in the global communication platform every existing app makes a clear separation between the two or only focuses on one

  • how dow e balance this? Sometimes you want to go out and feel connected to the world (lots of noise) but you want to gather and find the signals yourself
    • You want to take the signals and bring it back to your team and share in a more intimate context
    • sharing to the world feels isolating
    • how do we harness the best of these?
  • I want to gather the best parts of things I see out in the world and bring them back to my team. -> currently only way we have to “gather” stuff is by copying the entire doc. How do we make it easier to copy the parts of the doc that I care about and only those parts? I want to pick bits from everything and build it together into some process that works for me and my team.
    • What is this new CTA look like? What do we need for this?
    • Something smaller than docs to copy. Can you copy in-doc templates or can you copy something else.
    • just avoid the problem of doc load