• #writing/ideas how do we maintain personality and authenticity while ensuring interop and shared functionality?
    • “like” functionality on every app
    • pocket flattening of the visual vs storing the entire html
    • *there has been a lot of work and dialogue into this. im mostly writing this for my myself and own understanding to work through the problem and am sharing to start dialogue and discussion rather than to argue any particular course of action

what we need is a computing environment with interoperable data, where consent of data sharing empowers collaboration.

  • what is required of a computing environment?
    • you should be able to shape exactly the behavior you want
    • everything about a current software should be malleable, from the way the cursor behaves to the way the elements are laid out on the screen to what data is stored for every action you do
    • events should be public, such that people can respond to new events on the fly and it’s easy to create functional programs that chain together
    • data should be open by default and permissioned. iframes are terrible for connecting things together because of the fact things are completely separated. How do you make it safe for things to come together?

make a post about how you can use coda to expose a public API for generic data

  • pull weather or data about tweets, etc.
  • and then take that info and use it in any app anywhere, creates a public resource for very hard to get data because it makes making APIs easier


  • rhizome from jacky zhao
  • tyler’s post
  • dynamicland
  • work at coda
  • everyday magic
  • omar rizwan
  • weiwei xu