work log

Career / Role Stage

Got my assigned role stages 2022-04-26. i am a practitioner but I feel like a lot of responsibilities now I’m doing are career. Keep an eye on this for how to advance.

Project Log

  • feedback form for simon + set up midpoint check-in meeting ✅ 2022-11-02

pack object previews

  • finalize the SDK proposal for cards
    • maybe get early feedback from people? ✅ 2022-11-02
  • merge bug fix
  • prototype the unauth model ✅ 2022-11-02


  • share out the feature development flow ✅ 2022-11-24


Hosted SDK Documentation

  • bucket infra
    • handle encryption
    • handle CDN changes
  • CI workflow
    • handle generating docs
    • handle pushing content to head and other environments
      • need to recursively traverse directory and upload, can i write a test for this?
    • handle versioning

custom templates

Long-term Notes

not completing things

  • Thesis Observations
    • despite rapid influx of tools, people still rely on tried and true flexible but less powerful tools like spreadsheets and documents because they are adaptable to the changing business needs
  • People
  • coda stock
    • coda series c round
      • 636m post money (up from 410), 50m in new financing -> 80m financing?
      • lead by mamoon at KP
      • picked KP as lead, wasn’t best price offered but best alignment
      • 9% dilution, increasing option pool by 4%, converting reid’s convertable 23m note converts at 4.10 cap
      • share count increase 18%, 21.9m -> 23.6m shares
  • work ^EMUvAJd9C
    • misc work
      • bookClub
        • launched a book club to promote thinking and collaboration in high level spaces that coda operates in with angle, got over 15 attendees to each session and personally organized the content and the discussion questions
      • held lunch topic on roam and walked people through the nice parts of it
      • spearheaded campus recruiting by presenting at greylock techfair
      • organized hack 11 and championed the theme that got chosen
      • coda hack: universal @ reference got a lot of great reactions from the team and inspired future product work ^f48b-0Yss
    • projects that i’ve worked on or driven and my contributions + their impact
      • pricing
        • implemented various middleware, permissioning, in-doc pricing alerts, resolving website header across the product, checkout flow, pricing page calculator, and folder experiences for the pricing launch
        • refactored all emails to be less copy+paste and more sane to work with
        • added a common helper for handling overflow detection and adding tooltip on hover
      • referralProgram
        • drove this feature from design with oleg through implementation to launch
      • activityLog
        • drove this feature end-to-end, from developing the product proposal and presenting at catalyst to creating the eng design to implementing the feature and rolling out to many satisfied customers
        • also wrote and published a blog post for the company related to this
        • fuego
      • emailPassword
        • worked on implementing major parts of the email password flow including the different components and flows as well as backend services to gate suspicious login, recaptcha, and handling merging accounts
        • handled canonicalization end to end with proposal + design, implementation, and rollout
      • personalizedSignup
        • launched new NUX experiment for users, resulting in a tangible increase in new user retention and signups
        • while i was here, made significant improvements to the tech debt in User Avatar View
      • freeEmployeePlan
        • drove the adoption of free paid plans for employees by coordinating key stakeholders and aligning on a plan to move forward as well as setting up the process to get these set up for new employees
      • downgrading
        • drove this feature end-to-end from adding figma mocks to coordinating product and sales folks to align on the proper questions to ask during the flow and what the experience should feel like to implementing in the code
      • betterDocList
        • designed eng + implemented + added metrics dashboard for pinned docs
        • designed + prototyped experiments around trending docs
        • worked directly with steve won to come up with doc list north star, did design riffs and presented together
          • ultimately was deprioritized in planning
        • lessons i picked pinned docs because the engineering challenge was harder, knowing that it was a feature i was less excited about. this was a mistake because avatars was way simpler but also way more impactful and i shouldn’t pick something just for learning’s sake, especially when it’s something i’m actively doubting the effectiveness of
      • customPhotos
        • designed + implemented + shipped long-requested feature to upload custom avatars for users
        • set up foundation in a general way to enable custom icons for workspaces
      • adminDashboard
        • coda seeded idea of doing admin dashboard as a doc instead of normal features and it ended up being a huge movement around entering enterprise and penetrating it admins ^ctxXCyhTv
        • developed the product proposal for this in-tandem with jeremy and presented at catalyst.
        • drove the engineering design for this that touched many pieces of infrastructure including adding a new database, new workflows, and reconciling how this new service lives with our existing data warehouse systems and the ongoing publishing analytics work
        • Implemented engineering foundation in a way that allowed others to re-use the work
          • including publishing analytics and custom templates and our new activity log stuff
        • also drove enabling a new piece of packs infrastructure that allows pack actions to update the row that it affects automatically
          • try to drive this forward to something generally usable? ✅ 2022-11-02
        • wrote SQL for mode reports that would collect this information from our data warehouses to backfill the data for existing orgs
        • launched this feature to over 15 orgs, where many said this is a crucial reason they upgraded as well as was able to enable this for team workspaces considering the upgrade
        • created a smooth process to enable sales folks to rollout the templates themselves including loom videos and a coda doc
      • custom templates
        • worked heavily with steve won and jeremy to work out the product decisions for this feature and getting a north star picture of what we want templates to be in a way that works with our existing usages of the term
        • designed end-to-end the databases, APIs, and components we’d need for the feature as well as explored and planned out future work needed for drag + drop
        • launched custom templates beta to 300+ users, including some of our largest organizations like square, Pinterest, casper, and more to a lot of fanfare.
        • Coordinated multi-page copy paste work with DocX engineers who are knowledgable and crafted a detailed design doc to capture all the change needed to be made, keeping them informed at each step of the implementation process
        • Coordinated a complicated rollout strategy that involved experiments as well as different beta stages which added a lot of technical overhead to the code
        • Coordinated and aligned key stakeholders on a solution to schema version match constraint for our existing templates and implemented solution with 0 downtime
        • Designed and planned detailed events and logging and coordinated with data team and sohan in order to make sure we would get detailed usage statistics from people using it in the beta as well as after
        • coda dealing with tech debt in multiple areas (examples code and copy paste code) and improving things as i go through them instead of just working in the existing context custom templates ^-7kMb58ty
        • Implemented various parts of the engineering design including most of the full-doc components with the new new doc dialog design, the templates top bar, and the backend infrastructure
        • designed and implemented the templatize doc email to promo makers to turn their documents that are being copied into templates