data is scattered and stuck in silos in the hundreds of apps that we use. Some we give our info and those consequences last forever. If we decide to switch our client for manipulating that data, we have to manually transfer it over or go through custom import/export flows that have varying levels of transfer fidelity.

In order to solve this, we need to support interoperability between apps. Your data should be your own, and apps should be clients that we give permission to work on top of our data. There’s a fine line here that separates what data is “ours” by virtue of our creation and what data is proprietary and belongs to the “company” by virtue of their creation. For example, a lot of apps don’t allow exporting of certain information that they augment for you (say the tagged people in your photos with the facial recognition in photo apps) because they want those features and data that they build on top of your data to be their moat against competitors. What is the solution for incentivizing companies to innovate while giving maximum agency to consumers to do with their data what they wish? How do we incentivize companies to allow exporting the data that they create as a sustainable business? Is there some sort of subscription model where users pay for ongoing data annotation?

universally interoperable data surface

bridging the data moat