full media library should live here too and all of the updates should stream in from Spencer World

  • i.e. song added to bangers a day playlist

  • i.e. new picture added to window

  • fits

  • i love

  • thank you to

  • phrases

  • photos of the day (or derivatives?) maybe open this up to other people? a lot of apps either aggregate existing feeds or create a new centralized feed for you to plug into. even if pluralistic where there is a lot of diff niche communities (reddit), there is a high bar to post. this is different in that it encourages individuals (or small groups) to create as much as they want and it doesn’t incentive spamming of creation for “SEO” as happens on a lot of other places. there should be no pressure for “discovery” in that nothing should come of followers? or maybe follower counts are hidden or something. or something like it’s not for clout?

this is something between fully decentralized (single purpose websites that are disconnected) and monolith sites like the main social networks. like connected autonomous communities? co-op network?

  • maybe even support a way to pull custom amounts of data streams to embed elsewhere? you can display a certain set of streams

how to avoid flattening of vibes? what customization can you offer? able to let people customize themselves?

how can other people interact and participate?

  • can i allow other people to post into my feed? can i post into others’ feeds?
  • what is something healthier than liking things? what is something that they can leave their presence on it?
    • maybe something like digital fingerprints except you just pick a color for people (like cursor random color) and they leave their fingerprints over things that they like?


  • data in coda streams automatically to new endpoint of mine which uploads it all to a database (or maybe a unified coda table) and streams that to the site.
  • should support granular subscriptions to different kinds of info. what would syndication look like?