testing this out with stream, similar to texting journal file structure

  • streams are separated by ---
  • automatically dated by when they were created… the first line after the division should have the date for that stream?
    • ` interface
  • should look like a table structure but feel like a bullet list?
  • clicking Enter twice in succession should make a new entry
  • clicking Backspace on a blank entry should delete the entry input this should work with anywhere that can automatically date entries and has some logical separation of entries
  • texting - date = receipt timestamp, separated via messages
  • posting - for any social media same thing as above
  • notes entry - same thing but need to manually separate via --- and date manually, otherwise gets taken as the sync time?


  • backed by RSS feed (or something equivalent that makes the data portable)
  • as easy to add as taking a screenshot
    • so mobile-optimized
  • easily integrated
    • can be appended to from anywhere
    • can be an input to anything else (feed into obsidian/notion/coda/etc.)
  • text file (from anywhere) -> special parser -> structured format
  • marketing / pitch angle:
    • bullet journaling
    • timetracking
    • remembering
    • building portfolio automatically
    • time capsule / consistent journaling


  • append-only stream, no editing only can delete
  • easily turn feeds into shareable links
    • whole data inspiration here, should display nicely but also it’s effectively an rss feed? (not sure how to do this properly without having a chrome extension?)
  • good interface for adding
    • texting
    • raycast
  • good interface for seeing what you’ve sent and written
  • persist data locally
    • localStorage
    • origin private filesystem local file persisting

People to talk to

Relevant Resources


  • futureland
  • https://fabric.so
    • “shared garden” for the internet, single dumping place for all “saved” things, add to any amount of collections, nice interactions for bulk actions and bulk adding and keyboard-first add
  • campsite


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