things to do on my “off week”

  • use for email collection

  • add webring

  • resolve how to migrate to new website

  • add some dynamic background window

  • self-host plausible

  • figure out what to do with stamp ✅ 2023-01-03

  • finish and post about the live spencer marquee

  • set up the words / prayer shortcut flow

  • write something about using coda for making websites ✅ 2023-05-29

  • section off photo “exhibits” in the same way that chia does her ambient sound collections

  • something for cooking logs?

  • something for my everyday art, with phone things like elliot

  • figure out how to automatically selectively sync from one folder (in obsidian) to another (for the website folder)



  • museum / exploratorium
  • playground / farmer’s market
  • home / layered / textured
  • makeshift / evolving / shifting
  • drawing a day
  • set of konami codes for additional permissions
    • the “owner” code that lets you edit things / update the announcement so i can actually do it when I go to the site? (then it needs to actually make a pr lol)
  • window
    • 3 windows, one for weather, one for latest photo of the sky, one for latest selfie
    • like a personal bereal
  • doorstep / threshold
    • ghosts of cursors, dancing party
    • a blackboard like at terrace house, where people’s writing fades over time. I can also use it as an announcement place (maybe it slides down if you click on it to take all of the space or you have to visit enough in order to unlock writing?)
  • live info that makes it feel intimate
    • last location
  • artsy homepage that can be continually experimented with
  • nice responsive blog
    • should be something i can update continuously from the writing software that I prefer rather than needing to ferry data between things
      • might need to put this on a subdomain to really design well for this case, compared to experiments on my main place..
      • inspiration:, jacky’s quartz
    • table of contents browser?
    • show interesting time scales
  • people page
  • active ideas page
  • different bios / ways of explaining myself
    • should be live updated with identities. some should each have their own site? (maybe subdomain?)
  • random content from me



evergreen notes? (or differentiate those from logs)

  • special treatment for references
  • special icon for different kinds?

now page

this should basically simulate my living room or front porch or open studio area

  • add
    • weather
    • photos
  • add song streaming
  • add book?
  • add latest project
  • latest musing / note to myself
  • latest writing from my wesbite
  • evolution of mini-essay (my daily memo?)