Wildcard provides an in-place toolchain because the spreadsheet can be instantly opened in the browser window while using any supported website. Once the user starts editing, Wildcard also provides live feedback, so that even if a user isn’t yet totally familiar with Wildcard, they can learn to use the system through experimentation.

  • “The main way we do this is by separating website customization into two separate stages: structured data extraction, performed by programmers who code site adapters in Javascript, and then customization using the resulting spreadsheet, which is available to all end users. This architecture frees end users from needing to think about data extraction, and enables a community of end users to reuse the efforts of programmers building site adapters.”
    • isn’t this kind of back to the same problem where programmers you don’t know are imposing the structure they think that you want?
    • I guess the difference is you can go make your own
    • What happens when people don’t agree? How do you resolve differences and void having a million slightly different adapters for the same site?